Ghostbusters Playmobil

Who you gonna call this Holiday season for fun and great interactive play for your kids.

Why the Ghostbusters , of course, with their brand new set and options available from Playmobil.

This set includes the Ghostbusters headquarters, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Janine Melnitz, and Louis Tully as well as the Library Ghost, and plenty of accessories for hunting ghosts.



The Firehouse comes with three full levels of play,  firepole, and other great features from the hit movie down to slime and pizza.

Ghostbusters action vehicle with light and original siren sound. With Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore and Janine Melnitz in the Ghostbuster outfit.

Also with great light and sound features it includes proton packs, pke meter, ghost traps, and more slime. For any ghostbuster fan this give hours of play for your kids and a chance to share with them the memories of this fun film .


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Lionel Norfolk Southern First Responders Lionchief Set with Bluetooth

Lionel continues to expand their LionChief Line with great options showing attention to style, detail, and the functionality.

Inspired by the Norfolk Southern First Responders safety train that was launched in 2016 and making its way throughout the eastern part of the country. Included in this set is everything you need to get started. As an added bonus the set includes a fully functioning radio controlled model helicopter.  The locomotive can be controlled the LionelChief remote or the Bluetooth LionChief  App.

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TrainWorld TV Review of Norfolk Southern First Responders Set

Bluetooth Lionel Trains

Walking into your favorite hobby store with all the necessities for your model train needs you stroll around looking for a new track to add on or a new baggage car when, on the aisle cap you see the new era of model trains. Bluetooth trains! This new idea behind model trains is changing the ways they are viewed. This revolution in the train design company is creating opportunities for new concepts to be born. Let us take a look at some of the creations, shall we?

What sits at platform 9 ¾, and carries hundreds of students to the greatest wizarding school in the world, well the Hogwarts Express of course! And you can have one of your very own. This cool set comes with ; a 4-6-0 locomotive, two passenger coaches, one combination car, eight curved O36 FasTrack® track sections, one 10″ straight FasTrack® Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on section, one FasTrack® terminal section, and two 10″ straight FasTrack® sections, 54W wall pack power supply LionChief® Remote for locomotive. This amazing train even hasaudio, of your favorite characters!

“Jinkies”, “Zoinks”, and scooby doo snacks, ring a bell for anyone moseying down memory lane. The mystery gang is back at it again busting, and medaling in troubles that are not their own. This spooky set is also a bluetooth train you might be interested in trying. This set medals with that following pieces:  Mystery Machine FT diesel locomotive, Scooby Snack boxcar, Zombie chasing gondola, Mystery Inc. Caboose, Eight curved O36 FasTrack track sections, one 10 inch straight FasTrack Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on section, one FasTrack terminal section, and two 10 inch straight FasTrack sections, and a 54W wall pack power supply, LionChief remote for locomotive. So, maybe you aren’t taking a mosey down memory lane, take one and bust open the packaging of this cool set.

Bluetooth is in, so jump on the train. With all the styles and creativity put behind these trains, it’ll be hard to miss them at the station. Many are most definitely worth of being part of your collection. But even cooler, these bluetooth trains are controllable through your very own phone. Cool, right? Just a little app and you can control it. It’s the future of trains, but will it be the future of your train caboodle.

What Slot Cars Do We Buy?

At Robbies Hobbies we want to buy your good condition used slot cars and track sets.

So which ones carry value?   The oldest companies are Scalextric with started in the late 1950’s and was joined by American company Aurora to the market in the early 1960’s.    Pre-1980’s slot cars by Scalextric, Aurora, and Autoworld all can fetch good prices if they are in quality condition.  Other great classics are the sets by AFX and Tyco, as well.

The golden age sets from the mid 1970’s Chevy models, the AFX Muscle car series, the Batman and Robin or the Dukes of Hazard sets.

So if you have slot cars you want to sell in good to excellent condition or boxed sets with all the pieces, contact us today through our online form below.  We look forward to hearing from you .

Propel Star Wars Drones Now at Robbies Hobbies

Just in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi®,  Robbies Hobbies has in stock the Propel RC Star Wars Drones. 


Speeder bikes, also known as jumpspeeders, were open-air repulsor lift vehicles that maximised speed and maneuverability over stability.

The model that saw service during the Clone Wars was the 74-Z speeder bike. These bikes were usually piloted by scout troopers and were able to jam comlinks. They were considered by some to be "death traps", but the speeder bikes were equipped with a head up display (HUD) showing information about the terrain ahead from sensors.


Darth Vader's fighter boasted greater speed and heavier firepower than standard Imperial TIE Fighters. It featured fixed-mounted twin blaster cannons and a cluster missile launcher.

High-performance solar cells were fitted into the fighter's curved wings.­­ Vader specified a custom cockpit to accommodate his armored suit


The X-wing played a major role in the Galactic Civil War following its capture on Fresia and the defection of its designers to the Alliance. It was heralded as the fighter that, in the hands of Luke Skywalker, destroyed the Death Star.

Later in the war it formed the backbone of the Alliance Starfighter Corps, defending Alliance ships and leading attacks on Imperial vessels and installations. Most importantly, when handled by an experienced pilot, it could perform on near equal terms with the Empire's high-performance TIE fighters.



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Cash for Christmas

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Were you way into Star Wars, Marvel, GI Joe, or DC Comics characters when you were younger?  Are they still in great condition, or even better, still in the package?  If so you could have money collecting dust.  Action figures,  character sets,  movie toy cars,  and action play sets all can be great items for collectors.  So if you can part with your X-Wing fighter or  your 1987 Batman Joker, contact us today.


Collectible Diecasts have four categories that we look for  Cars like Matchbox and Hot Wheels,  Bruder which since the 1920’s has innovated metal toys and still made in Germany, John Deere Tractor toys and Caterpillar Construction are also on interest to our collection. The final main category would be Forces of Valor military collectibles.


Slot cars have been favorite toy in homes for decades.  With children setting up tracks and racing there favorite cars across tracks, jumps, loops, and more.  Scalextric is the most well know brand in the field, but valuable collectibles exist from AFX and Policar to name a few. So if you have a Dukes of Hazard slot car set in your basement, or a classic 1970’s slot car from the golden days of Formula 1, snap a picture and fill in our form below to see how cash we can put in your stocking this holiday season.



Lionel 2017 Lionchief Bluetooth

The bluetooth revolution of trains is now a key part of the Lionel Lineup.

And coming this October just in time for Christmas is Lionchief Norfolk Southern First Responders with Bluetooth.  Available only at Robbies Hobbies, you won’t find this in the Big Box Stores.

Full specs for the LionChief are:

Set Includes:0-4-0 Steam locomotive and tender
Gondola with tree load
Hopper with present load
Eight curved O36 FasTrack® track sections, one 10″ straight FasTrack Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on section, one FasTrack terminal section, and two 10″ straight FasTrack sections
54W wall pack power supply
LionChief® Remote for locomotive Locomotive Features:Electric locomotive controlled by LionChief® remote or Bluetooth® LionChief® App
Operating headlight
Puffing smoke
On/Off switch for smoke and sound
RailSounds RC™ sound system with steam chuffing and background sounds, whistle, bell, and user-activated announcements
Chuffing sounds in sync with puffing smoke
Die-cast locomotive body and frame
Powerful maintenance-free motor
Traction tires
Operating coupler on front and rear of tender

Also Available is the Polar Express Train Set with Bluetooth as well

And using the Bluetooth is easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

As part of your Christmas holiday shopping check out Robbie Hobbies 4578 North High Street
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Garden Train Sets

O, HO, N, G, S, and Z scales. But what kind of scales go by such names as these? Model train scales of course, no weights or snakes here. Model trains have many different styles and types as a matter of fact. These scales are different track sizes, but that’s just the beginnings of model trains variety. Track’s, scenery, wiring, and more interesting types and products come in the model train avocation. Garden model trains are a very common interest as of late. Interested in finding a new hobby, keep reading!

Before we really get into it, what is a scale, and what is a gauge exactly? A scale (by definition by the National Model Railroad Association(NMRA))is “scale is the ratio of the model to the real thing or ‘prototype’”.The gauge (also provided by NMRA) is “the distance between the rails.” All these O scales and Scales and such are really just how much of the actual train your model is.

Tracks are mostly made of one of these four materials: Steel, nickel, brass, and zinc-coated steel. Also when you lay track you have to watch and make sure your curves aren’t too tight,or else you could end up jumping the track with certain carts, or trains. But also the tighter the curves the smaller the  cars you may be able to use. Also if you ever decide to use a sectional track you would have to use rail joiners to connect them. For a garden model train tracks you should check in store for a little expertise on what to get.

Among scales, G-scale may be your best choice for creating your garden model train scenery. It works well both outside and inside and is a 1:25 ratio to a normal sized train. Ot only are they a bit bigger but they’re also fun to work with. Easy track laying could be fun for the whole family or friends. And lucky for you, we just happen sell G-scale trains at Robbies Hobbies.

So, if you and some friends or family are looking for a new way to bond, or maybe just you yourself want something to do alone. Try garden model trains. It could be perfect for you, you never know if you don’t try.


Garden trains are a wonderful way to enjoy the hobby of model railroading.

One of the main advantages of running garden trains in your back yard is that it brings your railroad into full view for all of your family and guests to see without it being hidden away in an attic or basement.

Another advantage is that your whole family can be involved in helping you build and operate it. Some members will like doing the construction. Others will like placing and nurturing the plants. Everyone can help with the cleaning and maintenance; and more importantly, everyone can enjoy it together.


The first thing to do is to determine the best location on your property to build your garden train layout. One of the best places is near your back patio where the railroad is easily visible and can be a topic of conversation. Or it could be located in a central courtyard that is present in many homes these days. It can greatly enhance your rock garden or your terrace as well. You could have track going around the pool or lining the front of your flowerbeds. Also, a garden railroad would be a great addition to a greenhouse.


Next you will want to be sure the drainage is adequate in the location you have chosen. Before installing the railroad, inspect the area during or after a rainstorm and see where the water goes. If there is a lot of pooling in the middle of where you want to put your layout, you may need to put in some drainage tile or pipe to carry the water away from the area to a lower level.

Other options would be to elevate your railroad using salt-treated wood or to build up the gravel roadbed fairly high to keep your tracks from flooding when it rains.

Another consideration might be to make a small water pond in the middle of your railroad or nearby so that water will naturally gravitate to and accumulate in the pond away from your track.You may want to use a combination of any or all of the above. The important thing is that you don’t want to have standing water or mud on your tracks if you can help it.

Plan Your Layout

For a simple oval or figure 8, draw your garden train track plan on a sheet of paper first. You may want to include where you want to put structures like train stations or freight houses and where you might like to put bridges or tunnels. Also include which plants you want to put in and where.

If you want a more complicated plan with switches and sidings, draw those into your plan as well.


You can pour a 3-4 inch pad of cement as a roadbed or use salt-treated wood. For rigid roadbeds like these, make sure to consider expansion joints to allow for expansion in the heat of the summer and contraction in the winter.

The other option would be to use a so-called free-floating roadbed using crushed gravel on top of flat ground on which you can lay your track and then use finer gravel to fill in between the ties to hold your track in place. I would use the latter method if there’s a good chance you may want to change your track plan later.


You may want to use a ground covering tarp that will keep weeds from poking through. These can be purchased in rolls from your home or building store. An inexpensive way to do this is to just lay newspaper down. This will work just as well to prevent weeds, but they will have to be replaced more often.

Put these weed guards down on the ground wherever you don’t have the tracks and roadbed. Then cover them over with a thick 3-4 inch layer of high quality mulch, being careful to keep the mulch from getting on the tracks or on the gravel roadbed.


Now it’s time to select whatever plants you want to use and figure out where to put them. You should mostly select small low growing plants. Make sure that when they grow, the roots or plants won’t interfere with the track or the garden trains. Try to select ones that will be relatively low maintenance. Your favorite garden center should be able to help you pick out the right ones.

Garden Train Equipment

Your trains should be kept indoors except when you are using them.

The track of course can be left outside. Make sure you use a high quality of track that will be durable outside in harsh weather. Some tracks that come with starter sets are best replaced by better track more suited for outdoor use.

Locomotives containing batteries and electrical motors will not do well if left outside. Some people cover them to keep the rain and wind off, but the best thing is to bring them inside where the humidity can’t get to them. Some folks like to use a pet door and put track through it so that when it’s time to come in for the evening, the train can be run inside through the pet door!

You can use O scale equipment outdoors these days since there are now manufacturers like Atlas and others that have produced O scale track that is relatively weatherproof. The electrically operated O scale locomotives may require more meticulous attention with respect to making sure they stay out of bad weather and keeping them clean and lubricated.


Most of the G scale structures you buy for outdoor use are fairly durable in harsh weather and can be left outside unless you live in an area where the winters are particularly severe, in which case freezing rain and ice could crack some structures.You should make sure your structures are anchored well enough to withstand wind and rain. You don’t want to have to reposition everything after every storm.

In Summary

If you have a backyard and if you love model railroading or just love trains in general, this is for you. It will get you outdoors and off the sofa. You will constantly be tinkering with it wanting to change this or that, add more plants, build tunnels, etc., etc.

The quality and number of locomotives and rolling stock that are available now for this hobby are ever expanding. Many of them can blow smoke and have lights, bells and whistles that you can operate from a handheld device.

Also, the garden trains in G scale are very impressive. It’s been said that if they were any bigger, you would have to buy a ticket!