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Remeber when you were a kid and you opened that shiny new toy for your birthday or Christmas?  It didn’t matter if it was -30° out, you were heading out the door to play as soon as you opened it!  Off to the sandbox to set up a new construction site.  Down the slide your toy went crashing into the ground below.  Odds are you have a few of those toys still laying around in your garage or attic.  Or at least the toys that made it through your high speed car chase, construction zone, demolition derby or anything else your imagination could put your new toy through.

When you are looking to purchase the perfect toy for that special boy or girl, you need to make sure that you are buying a well made toy that will survive the adventures it will face.  The last thing you want is to see that perfect toy broke the first day of play.  Bruder toys are developed as model-sized toys to be as realistic as possible.  Bruder’s company slogan “just like the real thing” allows children to imitate real life in the form of role plays.  These toy vehicles are developed and designed to last.  No flimsy plastic here.  Plastics of the highest quality are used, some of which can be found in the car industry.

The toys are also life like providing the ability for doors and hoods to open.  Fire engines shoot water.  The Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck extends to 50 inches tall and has 4 outriggers (stabilizer legs) to provide stability.   The Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Loader features a fifth wheel clutch, side gates that are removble, foold down ramps that are held by chains to unhook and many more life-like features to provide hours of playtime.

When you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further than Bruder Toys.  Bruder toys are made in Germany and made to last.  Bruder is still a family owned company that puts a family touch in every product made.

For latest as well as classic selections of Bruder Toys, Stop by Robbies Hobbies today and see them for your self.  The perfect gift for this Christmas season.



Santa Claus is Coming to Robbies Hobbies Black Friday

Do you have a model train or slot car racing enthusiast in your home?

At Robbies-Hobbies we have great selection of Slot Cars (Scalextric & Life Like) and Model Trains with brands like MärklinLionel , and more.

And this Black Friday, November 25 through Monday,  November 28th  get 20% off all train and slot car sets.  Plus with every train set purchase, all accessories for the matching purchased train and slot car sets will be 20% off.

So when you pick your train or slot car set, check out our wide selection of  cars,  buildings, tunnels and more.

Plus, this Black Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm , Santa Claus will be at Robbies Hobbies as well.

Santa Picture A

Have great Thanksgiving from all us at Robbies Hobbies , and we look forward to seeing you next weekend during our Black Friday Sale!

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If you are into car collectibles and want to up your collection beyond Matchbox and Hot Wheels, at Robbies Hobbies, We can help.



GreenLight Collectibles is a premier manufacturer and marketer of authentic die-cast vehicle replicas, scale figures and other automotive-related products.

GreenLight replicas are made in 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64 scales and are officially licensed by both automotive and film companies like Ford, GM, Universal Studios, and more. 

Along with Customs sets and Dioramas,  Greenlight also parnters with Film and TV Merchandising for special editions like “The Blues Brothers”  and “The Walking Dead”




See our List of Greenlight Cars for Sale Online at:
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Matchbox vs. Hot Wheels

When it comes to collectible cars the two most common standouts are Matchbox and Hotwheels.  Though the cars may look similar, each brand is distinctive in its own right.


Matchbox is the oldest of the two brands, starting being sold in Great Britain back in  1953 by Lesney Products in Matchbox containers.   The brand has come to include a wide range of  toy cars, die-cast collectibles, and plastic model kits.

Matchbox has since been purchased by Mattel, but they have strove to keep the theme of the brand along the way.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels were introduced by Mattel in 1968 and was introduced to compete with Matchbox in the die-cast toy car market.  The competition continued till Mattel bought Matchbox in 1997.   Hot Wheels has gone after collectors market with limited edition models as well as their standard runs.


The greatest difference between the two brands is that Matchbox is primarily a producer of real street production cars, and Hot Wheels offers a wide range of Fantasy and Concept cars.  Such as the Hot Wheels Halloween Series


If you are looking for some great die-cast cars , we have them at Robbies Hobbies.

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Playmobil Play Boxes

Playmobil My Secret Play box, bring the action of your child’s imagination anywhere.

Just in time for Halloween the Playmobil Haunted House Play Box.

Relishing the thought of capturing bad guys on the go with Playmobil My Secret Police Station Play Box.


Experiencing the fire-breathing adventures no matter where you are with My Secret Dragons Lair Play Box.

Enjoying a cool ride through the countryside when you’re on the go with My Secret Horse Stable Play Box.

Experiencing the enchanting royal adventure no matter where you are with My Secret Princess Castle Play Box.

All these Secret Boxes is a line of play boxes that can be unfolded to reveal the desired environment that children aged 4 – 10 years old would love to play and have endless fun enjoying the imaginative environment they created.

At Robbies Hobbies we have a wide selection of Playmobil Play Boxes and Playmobil toys for whatever your child is into.

Find out more today at our online store on Ebay .

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Playmobil Princess little girl dreams of being a princess, and with Playmobil your child start today.

These great toys come both full size sets and travel playboxes.

Take a Video Tour of all this set has to offer.

Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle: Create your own dazzling and regal fantasy world with the Princess Fantasy Castle. With turrets, gilded entrance gate, grand staircase, and lots of rooms, this castle is the perfect home for her royal highness. Store all the royal jewels in the tower’s secret hiding place before taking a spin around the ballroom using the revolving dance floor. Set also includes two figures, throne, chairs, chaise, chandelier, jewelry box, tea set, goblets, flower bushes, and a life-size tiara, bracelet, and ring. Recommended for ages four to ten.

And so you can play keep the fun going anywhere,  Playmobil as has Princess game for your  Android or Apple phone.

Look for this free game in your app store.

And for more great selection of Playmobil toys, stop by today at

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Lionel Plug and Play Accessories are as Easy at 1 – 2 – 3 !

When is comes to model trains, everyone love accessories .  From a village that comes to life with lights and activity to animated workers along the railway or an oil well pump in a field,  adding realism to your model train set has been a must for beginner and experienced hobbyist alike.

Operating accessories is now easier than ever with Lionel’s new Plug–n–Play system! Designed especially for FasTrack® layouts, but usable on any AC or DC powered layout, the Plug–n–Play system simplifies what’s needed to connect your operating accessories. No need to mess with bare wires on any FasTrack® Layout.

Even track operated accessories are as simple as the name — plug the accessory into your powered track and you’re ready to play!

Setting up is at easy as 1 – 2 – 3 .








At Robbies Hobbies, We have great Selection of Plug and Play Items for you this Holiday Season.

Stop by today at store today at 4578 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio or visit us online at and see our great selection of trains, drones,  slot cars and more.


National Train Day

As we get into the Holiday Season, be sure to put  Robbies Hobbies on your calendar for December 5th to take part in National Lionel Train Day.

NLTD_PrimaryChristmas and Trains are closely connected with such timeless classics as “The Polar Express” and through the years Lionel has been there with classic and modern train sets for both the beginner to place around the Christmas tree and kits for the expert modeler.


It will be a day of fun with free hats, wrist bands, and Lionel tattoos.  Plus get your chance to order the Special Edition Lionel  “Made in the USA”  Boxcar.

At Robbies Hobbies, we have a great selection of train sets in a wide range of scales and skill level .  So whether you are a novice looking to makes trains a new tradition this Christmas or a long time enthusiast, we have what you need at Robbies Hobbies.

So mark your calendar for December 5th and we will see you there!

Black Friday Sale at Robbies Hobbies

Do you have a model train or slot car racing enthusiast in your home?

At Robbies-Hobbies we have great selection of Slot Cars (Scalextric & Life Like) and Model Trains with brands like MärklinLionel , and more.

And this Black Friday, November 27 through Monday,  November 30th  purchase a train set or slot car set and get 20% off additional accessories .

So when you pick your train set, check out our wide selection of  cars,  buildings, tunnels and more.

For those of your who love slot cars,  we have wide selection cars,  pit lane games, stands, more.

Plus, don’t forget This Black Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm , Santa Claus will be at Robbies Hobbies as well.Santa Picture A



Have great Thanksgiving from all us at Robbies Hobbies , and we look forward to seeing you next weekend during our Black Friday Sale!



Santa Claus is coming to Robbies Hobbies

Do you have someone with a Wish List for Santa?

Santa Picture A


‘Cause Santa Claus is coming to Robbies Hobbies on Friday November 27th from 12 pm to 2 pm.   As for lots of toys and goodies, we don’t need a sleigh as we have over 4,500 square feet of model trains, drones, remote control cars, and much more.


Santa Picture H

So Black Friday after you have taken your cat nap to recuperate from your 5 am shopping spree come on over to Robbies Hobbies, 4578 North High Street, Columbus, Oh 43214 with the kids, and let the magic of this holiday season begin.

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At Robbies Hobbies we have a great selection of toys and gift ideas for kids of any age and for the kid in you as well.

Santa Picture EHobbyist’s  of all ages will find a wide selection of: Model Trains, Slot Cars, Bruder, Playmobil and Diecast items. We also carry R/C ready to run cars planes & helicopters, plus many more items.  Robbies Hobbies has provided years of joy to train collectors worldwide. This is a destination shop which is truly unique and a wonderful find for tourists and local collectors to find “that rare train”.

Don’t miss stopping by this Black Friday and seeing Santa Claus and our One of  Kind Store  on Friday, November 27th from noon to 2 pm.