Carrera EVOLUTION Analog Slot Car Racing

Fire up your Ford Torino ,  careen around the curves in your Corvette Stingray, or show your style with Disney’s Lightning McQueen when you open up your Carrera Evolution Slot Car Racing Kit and setup this Holiday Season.

The Carrera Evolution comes in a variety of sets such as Disney-Pixar Cars – Race Day with Lighting McQueen and Dino Cruz Ramirez.  The Extreme Power set offers the ultimate adrenaline kick. The latest version of the iconic Ford GT Race Car is fitted with a 3.5-litre, twin-turbo, V6 engine and a giant diffusor. Across the grid there’s the immensely powerful Chevrolet Corvette C7.R with a 5.5-litre, V8 engine. Both of them offer aerodynamics and power incarnate. The challenge is to keep this power under control with icy nerves and precision around the 6.3-metre circuit from the “Extreme Power” Carrera EVOLUTION set. The numerous bends demand absolute concentration and drifting skills.


Why Choose Carrera EVOLUTION? Speed. Precision. Performance. Digitally Upgradable. Realistic acceleration and braking action. One of Carrera’s top selling systems, the 1:32 scale Carrera Evolution slot cars are user-friendly enough for children 8+ yet challenging for even the most experienced tournament-level slot car racers. Standard features of these 1/32 analog slot cars include an inline E200 motor and double traction magnets, high-quality original detailing and tampo printed liveries for superior durability and clarity. These Carrera 1/32 Evolution slot cars are Ready to Run (RTR) on any brand of 1:32 analog track.

And for the ultimate race, are you up for  the challenge for Carrera Evolution Most Wanted?

Carrera EVOLUTION MOST WANTED includes 2 1:32 Scale Cars: Chevrolet Camaro Sherriff and Ford Mustand GT No. 66, with 2 Dual Speed controllers.  Carrera’s Evolution racing sets are designed for both beginners and the hobbyist who is ready for larger scale tracks and cars. Also this set has the capability to be upgraded with digital technology as you advance your slot car racing career.

As with all Carrera products, you can add track expansion sets, accessories, and a wide range of additional cars.  Track pieces are compatible with Digital 124 and 132 track units sets.

So if you have a need for speed this Christmas, stop by Robbies Hobbies and bring home the excitement of  Carrera slot car racing. Robbies Hobbies, 4578 North High Street, Columbus, Oh 43214, call today at 614-265-7288.