Lionel LionChief Plus 2.0

Presenting the next generation of LionChief® Control, LionChief® Plus 2.0!

Combining the best features of our LionChief® Plus locomotives with TMCC command control and additional sound and lighting enhancements, these new locomotives offer the value, simplicity and flexibility in operating modes you’ve been looking for. The ability to run via a Bluetooth® controller (Universal Remote or LionChief® App), Command Control cab or conventional transformer makes these locomotives perfect for any desired operating system. Enhanced sound and lighting features make these new LionChief® 2.0 models more realistic and fun than ever before!
LionChief® Plus 2.0 engines do not come with their own remote.
LionChief® Plus 2.0 engines can lash-up with Legacy engines with a Legacy controller.

LC+ 2.0 Control - operate with Bluetooth™ using Universal Remote or LionChief® App on your smart device OR via your TMCC/LEGACY® Cab OR conventional transformer
Die-cast boiler, frame, tender body * Powerful maintenance-free motor * Speed control * Fan-driven smoke * LED Headlight
ElectroCoupler on tender * Flickering Firebox

LEGACY® RailSounds® sound system featuring:
CrewTalk™ dialog and TowerCom™ announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped * Six official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog * Eight diesel RPM levels

Versatile and reliable power for your railroad, no matter how you choose to run it! These Berkshires are loaded with the latest in control features, operating on either TMCC Command Control, Bluetooth™ via the Universal Remote or LionChief® App, or conventional transformer. With die cast bodies, powerful motors, speed control, ElectroCouplers™ and RailSounds, these locomotives will perform as well as they look.

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Playmobil Dreamworks Dragons

How to Train your Dragon 3 is back in theaters this Spring, and has taken in a decent haul at the box office, with over 145 million in the US alone.  If you have fan of Hiccup and all his friends,  Playmobil is ready to help keep the fun and action alive.

Toothless and Light Fury and the many other dragons of the series come to life with great detail and hours of play.


The Playmobil Dragons series allows your children to recreate the action from movie.

Hiccup and Toothless and a baby dragon
The ruthless dragon hunter Grimmel the Grimsly and Deathgripper
Hiccup and Astrid Wedding Scene
Hiccup and Astrid and baby dragon
Light fury with baby dragon and children

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Playmobil Advent Calendar

Get into the spirit of the holidays and a little bit of fun as you count down the days till Christmas! With Playmobil you have some great Advent Calendars to Choose From.

Christmas Post Office

There’s a lot of hustle and bustle at the Christmas Post Office to mail all the packages on time! The Advent Calendar “Christmas Post Office” contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas. Once all of the pieces are discovered, the team has everything they need to have the gifts ready in time for Christmas day!



Santa’s Workshop


The elves have their hands full trying to finish the many toys on Santa’s list in time. Even late in the evening, by the light of the workshop lanterns, presents are sent down the slide for wrapping and loaded onto the sleigh. Now we’re ready for Christmas!

Horse Farm

While the riding instructor lovingly cares for her horse’s small foals, the girls dress the two ponies in pretty flowers and ribbons for a wonderful ride out. The cute pony foals play happily with the two cats. With many more cute accessories hidden behind 24 little doors.

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Black Friday Specials at Robbies Hobbies

Model Trains,  Playmobil Playsets,  Christmas Trains, Telescopes, Hot Wheels, Slot Car, and more can all be found at Robbies Hobbies this Holiday Season. 

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At Robbies-Hobbies we have great selection of Train sets Like Polar Express, Thomas the Train, Hot Wheels by Lionel. Or HO scale sets by Bachman like Caynon Chief, Norfolk and Southern, and CSX Coastliner. 

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Santa Picture A

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Spirit Riding Free Playmobil

Help your children relive the magic of Dreamworks movie Spirit Riding Free. Become part of Lucky’s adventure as she moves to a life in the country and her growing relationship with her wild mustang Spirit.

Playmobil helps bring the fun to life with 6 playsets to choose from including her friends Pru and Abigail.  The Lucky’s Happy Home playset with two levels of play including an equipped kitchen and secret hideouts. And the horse stalls are able to connect.  You can go on out the trail with the wagon that includes campfire, food mess kit, and raccoons.

To add the magic to your home, stop by Robbies Hobbies this holiday season and experience the adventure.

Lionel Norfolk Southern First Responders Lionchief Set with Bluetooth

Lionel continues to expand their LionChief Line with great options showing attention to style, detail, and the functionality.

Inspired by the Norfolk Southern First Responders safety train that was launched in 2016 and making its way throughout the eastern part of the country. Included in this set is everything you need to get started. As an added bonus the set includes a fully functioning radio controlled model helicopter.  The locomotive can be controlled the LionelChief remote or the Bluetooth LionChief  App.

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TrainWorld TV Review of Norfolk Southern First Responders Set

Bluetooth Lionel Trains

Walking into your favorite hobby store with all the necessities for your model train needs you stroll around looking for a new track to add on or a new baggage car when, on the aisle cap you see the new era of model trains. Bluetooth trains! This new idea behind model trains is changing the ways they are viewed. This revolution in the train design company is creating opportunities for new concepts to be born. Let us take a look at some of the creations, shall we?

What sits at platform 9 ¾, and carries hundreds of students to the greatest wizarding school in the world, well the Hogwarts Express of course! And you can have one of your very own. This cool set comes with ; a 4-6-0 locomotive, two passenger coaches, one combination car, eight curved O36 FasTrack® track sections, one 10″ straight FasTrack® Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on section, one FasTrack® terminal section, and two 10″ straight FasTrack® sections, 54W wall pack power supply LionChief® Remote for locomotive. This amazing train even hasaudio, of your favorite characters!

“Jinkies”, “Zoinks”, and scooby doo snacks, ring a bell for anyone moseying down memory lane. The mystery gang is back at it again busting, and medaling in troubles that are not their own. This spooky set is also a bluetooth train you might be interested in trying. This set medals with that following pieces:  Mystery Machine FT diesel locomotive, Scooby Snack boxcar, Zombie chasing gondola, Mystery Inc. Caboose, Eight curved O36 FasTrack track sections, one 10 inch straight FasTrack Plug-Expand-Play power lock-on section, one FasTrack terminal section, and two 10 inch straight FasTrack sections, and a 54W wall pack power supply, LionChief remote for locomotive. So, maybe you aren’t taking a mosey down memory lane, take one and bust open the packaging of this cool set.

Bluetooth is in, so jump on the train. With all the styles and creativity put behind these trains, it’ll be hard to miss them at the station. Many are most definitely worth of being part of your collection. But even cooler, these bluetooth trains are controllable through your very own phone. Cool, right? Just a little app and you can control it. It’s the future of trains, but will it be the future of your train caboodle.

What Slot Cars Do We Buy?

At Robbies Hobbies we want to buy your good condition used slot cars and track sets.

So which ones carry value?   The oldest companies are Scalextric with started in the late 1950’s and was joined by American company Aurora to the market in the early 1960’s.    Pre-1980’s slot cars by Scalextric, Aurora, and Autoworld all can fetch good prices if they are in quality condition.  Other great classics are the sets by AFX and Tyco, as well.

The golden age sets from the mid 1970’s Chevy models, the AFX Muscle car series, the Batman and Robin or the Dukes of Hazard sets.

So if you have slot cars you want to sell in good to excellent condition or boxed sets with all the pieces, contact us today through our online form below.  We look forward to hearing from you .

Lionel Train Day December 2nd!

What’s that you hear? National Train day is December 2nd, this Saturday! Well folks what you hear is very much true. In light of that event we are having a chance to buy a limited edition item! And what might we be selling on this day, you may be asking yourself? Well, we have your answer, and it is The North Pole Ready-To-Play Freight Set! Now what on earth could this set include? Well this amazing set includes; a Battery-powered General-style locomotive and tender, a Gondola with crate load, as well as a Center-cupola caboose, 24 curved and eight straight plastic track pieces, and a  RC remote control! Learn more. Come on down this Saturday to Robbies Hobbies, 4578 North High Street Columbus, Oh 43214, between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. Hope to see you then.

2017 Black Friday Special

Starting Black Friday (11/24) to December 3rd

All train sets $20% off

Used or Second Hand Items 30% off

All other items 10% off

Excludes items that are already discounted.


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