Matchbox vs. Hot Wheels

When it comes to collectible cars the two most common standouts are Matchbox and Hotwheels.  Though the cars may look similar, each brand is distinctive in its own right.


Matchbox is the oldest of the two brands, starting being sold in Great Britain back in  1953 by Lesney Products in Matchbox containers.   The brand has come to include a wide range of  toy cars, die-cast collectibles, and plastic model kits.

Matchbox has since been purchased by Mattel, but they have strove to keep the theme of the brand along the way.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels were introduced by Mattel in 1968 and was introduced to compete with Matchbox in the die-cast toy car market.  The competition continued till Mattel bought Matchbox in 1997.   Hot Wheels has gone after collectors market with limited edition models as well as their standard runs.


The greatest difference between the two brands is that Matchbox is primarily a producer of real street production cars, and Hot Wheels offers a wide range of Fantasy and Concept cars.  Such as the Hot Wheels Halloween Series


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