Why get a drone for Christmas?

Drones are all the rage this holiday season. And we can see why, because drones make the perfect Christmas gift .

Here are four great reasons to consider getting a drone!

  1. They are a great Stocking Stuffer – normally the stocking is the last pick with it’s filling of socks, trinkets, and candy. Imagine the surprise and excitement with a mini quadcopter inside!
  2. They won’t break the bank – With prices staring at just $40 you can find drone well within your budget needs.
  3. It is a Unique gift – Most people probably don’t own drone. And if you take a look on like you will see from the army of Youtube and GoPro Videos out there, the fun is not limited to just one age bracket.
  4. It’s a gift that won’t collect dust – Unlike the sweater from their great aunt, your kids and friends will want to get out and enjoy the new drone, and of course don’t forget the camera!

Two Great option to check out at Robbies-Hobbies are
s-l1600-2The Hubsan X4 Pro Low Edition – the X4 Pro Low Edition is Hubsan’s mid-level answer to the DJI Phantom line up of camera drones. Built with two swappable versions of a 1-Axis gimbal, the Hubsan X4 Pro Low Edition is designed to give users the choice between mounting a GoPro Hero, the included HBS1080P camera, or their own smartphone.

Like most other mid-level quadcopters on the market, the Pro Low features GPS based flight controls to allow precise positioning and enhanced flight stability compared to relying on gyro-data alone. The controller contains a built-in LED screen to allow live FPV video streaming via the dual-band 2.4 and 5.8 GHz transmitter. Range is set to around 3300 feet!

Get yours today at :
s-l1600-3The Chroma Camera Drone – This Drone has everything in One Box with Flight-Ready Chroma Drone • CGO2+ 16MP 1080p/60 3-Axis Stabilized Camera • ST-10+ Controller with Touch-Screen Display • Long-Lasting 6300mAh LiPo Flight Battery • Flight Battery Charger • Extra Set of Propellers • ST-10+ Display Screen Sun Shade • USB Programmer Cable • Micro SD Card for Camera

Buy today at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blade-Chroma-Camera-Drone-1080P-CGO2-and-ST10-BLH8665-/311477571150?hash=item4885828e4e


630183-1-2What about Trains?
Americans obsession with trains has goes back the early 1800’s , and with model trains, the Lionel Company of New York has remained the most enduring brand . Generation after generation has bonded over models train set, and this Christmas we can help you pass on the tradition .

The Lionel 2-4-2 Lioncheif Remote Control is a great selection with easy setup and easy to use power and control system. This set includes Locomotive and tender, Flatcar with trailer, Hopper, and Caboose. As well as , Eight curved O36 FasTrack sections, one 10″ straight FasTrack section, one FasTrack wallpack terminal section, Wallpack power supply, and LionChief remote for locomotive.

Stop by our store or call us today to reserve yours for this Christmas.
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